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A Guide To Wet Shaving

Wet shaving consists of 4 main tasks:



Pre-Shave oils or gels are usually used as a preparation to soften the beard growth. They also add an extra layer of protection to the face before any other soap or cream is applied, making them especially useful for sensitive skin. Massaging the oil into the beard will also have the effect of raising the hairs prior to the shave.

Shaving soap or cream is there to HELP the razor do its job. We tend to suggest that as you take your morning shower (which will open up the pores for shaving beautifully) you leave your shaving brush in a little cup of hot water. After a couple of minutes you will be able to whip up a wonderful WARM lather (the warmth of the brush will melt the soap). The brush will be just hard enough to raise each hair and cover it in a lubricating and softening coat of soap/cream.

A little soap will go a long way, so don't worry if you go a little over the top at first.

A double edged razor blade can and will give you a very close shave with very little effort. The weight of a good razor, teamed with a handle that is the right size for your hand will give you complete control over your blade. The natural weight of the razor, coupled with a firm guiding hand will do the job, giving you a close cut with a single pass. If you are used to using disposable cartridges this might take some getting used to, but please don't get discouraged.

The hardest part of the actual shave will be getting the angle and the pressure right, but if you start with a very light touch, you have every day of your life to improve!

TIP: Lather up again if your first run was too light and you need to have another go, don't ruin your face for want of a bit of soap!

If you have any nicks or cuts (and it happens), we suggest using an alum product such as ______. Alum basically helps blood to clot, and will give you a quick and easy way to seal up those cracks!

Finally you need to CARE for your skin. Post-Shave products tend to centre around SOOTHING and COOLING. Be it aftershave lotion or a cream, look out for what skin type it is suitable for, it's active ingredients, and how it smells!

There are other things to consider such as balms are slightly better during the winter months as the face needs more moisturising, and splashes are good for the warmer months.