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Progress Vulfix

Progress Vulfix is one of the premier and most venerable manufacturers of badger shaving brushes in the United Kingdom.

Way back in 1893, when top hats were still the height of fashion and handlebar moustaches roamed the streets of Manchester, the Vulfix Old Original Shaving Brush Company came to life.

In 1954, amidst the industrial buzz, the company relocated to the Isle of Man where it has been operating from ever since.

2008 sees the birth of the Progress Shaving Brush (Vulfix) Limited which includes the Simpson brand ........ it's like a soap opera, but with more lather ........


Progress Vulfix is renowned for its hand-crafted shaving products and accessories. Their superb quality is complemented by an excellent value for money and Progress Vulfix has deservedly gained a first class reputation for service in the wet shaving market.  


All the brushes are handmade and stamped Vulfix Old Original.