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Double Edge Safety Razors

At Maguire's Barbershop we've been curating the finest selection of double edge razors, bringing the art of shaving back to its roots. Since the early 1900s the double edge razor has been a game-changer in the world of grooming. Designed for precision and efficiency, it became the weapon of choice for discerning gentlemen everywhere.


Now, you may wonder, what's the fuss about Open Comb razors? Allow us to enlighten you. Picture a comb with teeth spaced just enough to let the lather flow through, allowing for a more aggressive shave. The advantage? It's perfect for those with thicker, denser or coarser facial hair, providing a closer shave with fewer passes. 


But wait, don't discount the Closed Comb razor just yet! Imagine a razor with a solid guard bar, gently guiding the blade across your gentle visage .... The advantage here lies in its mildness, making it ideal for those with sensitive skin, thinner facial hair, those with shorter growth or those new to the art of traditional shaving. 


So, dear customer, which path shall you choose? Whichever you decide, rest assured that at Maguire's Barbershop, we've got you covered, one stroke at a time!


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