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Why Wet Shave?

25th Oct 2023

Many of the things men associate as a by-product of needing to shave, ingrowing hairs, skin irritation, razor bumps, can actually be as much to do with HOW they are shaving.FACT: You can get a very cl … read more

Traditional References

25th Oct 2023

Catch up on your reading with these great shaving and product guides from the Golden Age of mens grooming. Simply click on the book you wish to read and you will be redirected to a PDF you can downloa … read more

Skin Types

25th Oct 2023

Normal Skin: If you have skin that is normally smooth and healthy looking then you have 'normal' skin. The main products for you to avoid are those that will dry your skin out, or conversely cause it … read more

After Shave Skin Care

25th Oct 2023

No matter how well you have prepared the skin before and during shaving, it is a fact that afterwards it will be both sensitive and dehydrated. Prior to moisturising is when you will add a splash of a … read more