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Why Wet Shave?


Many of the things men associate as a by-product of needing to shave, ingrowing hairs, skin irritation, razor bumps, can actually be as much to do with HOW they are shaving.

FACT: You can get a very close shave with a single razor blade – you don't need 4 or 5.

A single razor blade teamed with a good razor will pull the skin tight and let the blade make a nice clean quick cut. You won't be taking off a layer of skin, or cutting UNDER the skin, reducing the likelihood of skin irritation and ingrowing hairs.

FACT: You should never have to make multiple passes over the same spot, whatever your hair type.

The weight of a good razor, teamed with a handle that is the right size for your hand will give you complete control over your blade. The natural weight of the razor, coupled with a firm guiding hand will do the job, giving you a close cut with a single pass. No more hacking away at your face multiple times until you feel red and sore.

FACT: How you treat your face before and after the shave will have a HUGE effect on the overall result.

It's not as frightening as you might think at first. Pre-shave goes on before you shave. Then you shave. Then you use post-shave.

A pre-shave product such as an oil will soften the beard/stubble ready for the shave. Then you get to apply a nice WARM creamy lather to your face with a soft brush. A good shaving cream or soap will literally make the razor glide across your face. Afterwards a good aftershave balm or cream will leave your face feeling fresh and alive – and smelling pretty nice too!

We suggest that everyone who is not 100% satisfied with the shave they are getting from their electric razor or the latest cartridge that the supermarkets are selling on special offer, try a wet shave. You will be surprised at the comparable costs, and the quality of the shave.

Why wet shave? Why NOT wet shave??

Traditional References

Catch up on your reading with these great shaving and product guides from the Golden Age of mens grooming. Simply click on the book you wish to read and you will be redirected to a PDF you can download and read at your leisure.Essay on Barbers RazorsStandardised Barbers ManualBarbers Supplies& FurnitureShaving Made EasyThe Secret Of [...]

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Skin Types

Normal Skin: If you have skin that is normally smooth and healthy looking then you have 'normal' skin. The main products for you to avoid are those that will dry your skin out, or conversely cause it to become oily. Products labelled as 'mild' or 'light' will be ideal.Dry Skin: Dry skin may feel tight [...]

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After Shave Skin Care

No matter how well you have prepared the skin before and during shaving, it is a fact that afterwards it will be both sensitive and dehydrated. Prior to moisturising is when you will add a splash of aftershave, as this will help close the pores and identify any 'raw' areas. If you have cut yourself, [...]

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Razors & Blades

SAFETY RAZORS The fewer blades on your razor, the less likely it is to irritate your skin (rather than what the adverts would have you believe). Far from sacrificing a smooth and close shave, by switching to a safety razor you may find shaving gets a whole lot easier and more pleasurable. With replacement blades from [...]

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Shaving soaps and creams are among the best products to help you achieve that perfect shave. Many of these traditional products have wonderfully unusual scents and include glycerin and other essential oils that promote lubricating and protective action.No matter how good the soap or cream or you have purchased from us however, you need to [...]

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Preparation is the key to a smooth and close shave - it is literally the foundation on which the shave works!TIP: the best time to shave is in the morning when your skin is more rested and relaxed.Preparing your face for shaving need take no more time or effort than you are already putting in [...]

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A Guide To Wet Shaving

Wet shaving consists of 4 main tasks:Pre-ShaveLatherShavePost-ShavePre-Shave:Pre-Shave oils or gels are usually used as a preparation to soften the beard growth. They also add an extra layer of protection to the face before any other soap or cream is applied, making them especially useful for sensitive skin. Massaging the oil into the beard will also [...]

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