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Musgo Real

CLAUS PORTO. The Claus Porto story goes back to the year 1887, when two German partners, Ferdinand Claus and Georges Ph. Schweder, started the production of fine soaps for gentlemen. When they left the country in 1918, their Portuguese partner Achilles de Brito took over the name of ‘Claus Porto’ together with the production workshops.


Claus Porto toilet soaps are distinguished by their particularly pleasing scent and performance on the skin – due to the natural essential oils used in their production. Each bar is shaped with the maker’s name and mark, with the motifs going back to the 1920s.


The trade name Musgo Real first appeared in the mid 30s and includes a range of soaps and shaving creams that are crafted from high quality ingredients and contain no synthetic aromas, perfumes or preservatives.


Made in Portugal