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Feather Double Edge Safety Razor


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Product Overview

Feather Double Edge Safety Razor


The Feather Double Edge DE Safety Razor, also known as The Popular, offers unbeatable value for money! It features a closed comb butterfly action TTO (twist to open) system which allows a very practical as well as safe blade replacement.  The razor itself is constructed from ABS Resin, Stainless Steel and Brass.  A great looking, lightweight safety razor that delivers a precise shave, in line with the quality expected from any Feather shaving instrument. The Feather Double Edge DE Safety Razor takes any standard double edge (DE) razor blade. Supplied with 2 Feather Hi-stainless blades, made with the highest quality stainless steel and platinum coated, renowned for their sharpness and durability. 

Made in Japan

How to Use

The Razor head covers are opened by unscrewing the knob at the top of the handle. The covering heads then fold open to reveal the blade. Insert any standard double edge razor blade over the positioning bar and screw the knob to lock the balde in and close the head covers. It's that simple and then you are ready to go!

Recommended for

All skins and shaving abilities. Ideal when travelling 

Grooming Tip

Shaving after a hot shower softens the skin and stubble for a close shave and reduces the chance of nicks or cuts.

Brand Information

Feather Safety Razor Co. Ltd, of Osaka, Japan, has produced and developed shaving razors, blades, and surgical instruments since its inception in 1932. Their main razor blade manufacturing facility is located in the "City of Cutlery," Seki City, in Gifu prefecture. Their product line includes DE blades, proprietary SE blades, DE razors, replaceable-blade "straight"-type razors, preshaves, shave gels, aftershaves, medical instruments, and industrial blades. Feather products showcase an unparalleled quality and attention to detail. Their DE blades are usually considered the sharpest available. Made in Japan


(No reviews yet) Write a Review