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Preparation is the key to a smooth and close shave - it is literally the foundation on which the shave works!

TIP: the best time to shave is in the morning when your skin is more rested and relaxed.

Preparing your face for shaving need take no more time or effort than you are already putting in to your morning routine. Taking a shower is perfect for preparing the skin for shaving as it provides the 2 main basic skin prep ingrediants: heat and water. The water softens the beard while the heat opens the skin's pores.

We suggest enhancing this preparation with a good pre-shave product which will further soften the beard and in the process give the skin a smooth surface which will help reduce irritation. 

For beginners, getting the beard good and soft and the skin nice and smooth are advisable as it will help protect against both nicks and cuts and irritation. 

Once you learn more about your skin type and your beard type you can add/remove products as required.