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The MAGUIRE'S Barbershop website is set up to accept orders from trade customers as well as personal users. This ability to bulk-buy items is useful for an individual barbershop, online retailor, gift shop or anyone wishing to buy for resale. Anyone can set up a trade account with MAGUIRE'S Barbershop, and you will notice several changes to the site once your account has been authorised and you have logged in.

contract-icon.png  Signing Up

You sign up for a Trade Account using the 'Create an Account' link at the very top of the website. Please tick the 'Yes' box in the 'Trade Account' box. At first you will be set up with a default user account, we will upgrade this to a trade account within 24 hours, and let you know via email when this is done. If you require an urgent setup, please contact us immediately after signing up to your basic account (this will always be the first step). 

trade-icon.png  Trade Pack Size

When you are logged in as a Trade customer only those items that are available in Trade Pack sizes will be visible. You will not be able to view or purchase individual items. 

Trade Pack sizes vary in size, but each pack will be clearly marked with the quantity you are ordering. 

payment-icon.png  Minimum Spend

Trade orders are subject to a minimum spend.