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Why Wet Shave?

Many of the things men associate as a by-product of needing to shave, ingrowing hairs, skin irritation, razor bumps, can actually be as much to do with HOW they are shaving.

FACT: You can get a very close shave with a single razor blade – you don't need 4 or 5.

A single razor blade teamed with a good razor will pull the skin tight and let the blade make a nice clean quick cut. You won't be taking off a layer of skin, or cutting UNDER the skin, reducing the likelihood of skin irritation and ingrowing hairs.

FACT: You should never have to make multiple passes over the same spot, whatever your hair type.

The weight of a good razor, teamed with a handle that is the right size for your hand will give you complete control over your blade. The natural weight of the razor, coupled with a firm guiding hand will do the job, giving you a close cut with a single pass. No more hacking away at your face multiple times until you feel red and sore.

FACT: How you treat your face before and after the shave will have a HUGE effect on the overall result.

It's not as frightening as you might think at first. Pre-shave goes on before you shave. Then you shave. Then you use post-shave.

A pre-shave product such as an oil will soften the beard/stubble ready for the shave. Then you get to apply a nice WARM creamy lather to your face with a soft brush. A good shaving cream or soap will literally make the razor glide across your face. Afterwards a good aftershave balm or cream will leave your face feeling fresh and alive – and smelling pretty nice too!

The traditional wet shave is a lifestyle choice. Unlike the disposable culture of modern shaving, a good razor will last you years, while blades start from as little as _____p for a pack of 6! A pot of good quality shaving soap such as ________ is less than £5 and if used correctly will last you up to 6 months. Aftershave products such as __________ will not irritate your skin and give you a scent that will make you stand out from the crowd.

We suggest that everyone who is not 100% satisfied with the shave they are getting from their electric razor or the latest cartridge that the supermarkets are selling on special offer, try a wet shave. You will be surprised at the comparable costs, and the quality of the shave.

Why wet shave? Why NOT wet shave??